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Get clinical-level results with our non-invasive unique penta peptides formulation.

Our Vision

To set the bar for skin health solutions. We provide quality products to beauty and aesthetic professionals who want the best results for their clients and customers.

Our Story

Based in California and founded in 2011, SkinMedic aims to bring reliable and a high standard of biomedical skincare solutions.

The goal: To develop cutting-age peptide-based skincare solutions such as anti-aging and acne treatments.

After years of deep research into pharmaceutical and cosmoceutical grade products in the laboratory…

SkinMedic’s chemists developed a first-of-its-kind Bio Active Peptide formula unlike any other⁠—

which provides lasting, clinical-level results for users, safely and non-invasively.

We seek to work with only the best and trusted industry leaders to bring SkinMedic Research’s cutting-edge technology into the market.

Our goal is to bring innovative biomedical skincare solutions to fulfill the needs of users and create a positive impact on their lives.

Read on to find out more about our proprietary Penta Peptides technology.

What Are Penta Peptides?

Penta Peptides are naturally-occuring short-strings of biological molecules that stimulates collagen production in the skin (which is made up of 75% collagen).

Peptides are the building blocks of collagen protein chains, and are more bioavailable and more easily absorbed by the body.

After absorption, peptides help repair, rebuild, and reenergize cells which are then used to build full-length collagen used to repair skin.

The secret to our patented Penta Peptide formula is the ACT-1-28 long-chain peptide, which is composed of a long chain of 28 amino acids and are present in your body (no side effects).

Our researchers have found that the body produces this to help wound healing in diabetics.

We gathered the world’s top chemists, scientists, and researchers to develop our proprietary Penta Peptide formulation, which we use in our line of skincare products, SkinOrigin.

Watch the video to learn more about our flagship biomedical skincare line.

Benefits of Our Penta Peptides Formulation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions from beauty professionals, aesthetic doctors, and distributors about SkinMedic products.

We distribute our products in the United States. We also partner with Asia Beauty Pte Ltd to distribute our products to Asia.

Our products are based on decades of research and we use a proprietary penta peptides formulation that is proven to be work safely and effectively on human skin. Our formulation is not found elsewhere.

SkinMedic is based in California, USA and has been around since 2011.

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